Berkeley High/Photo: Lance Knobel

Berkeley High School weathered another incident with a student carrying a gun today. The student involved in the previous incident on January 10 was finally arrested last night.

On today’s incident, Principal Pascuale Scuderi notified parents this afternoon that:

“At approximately 9:45 a.m. this morning BHS staff was given information indicating that a student was seen near the campus attempting to conceal a firearm. That information, along with a detailed description of all parties involved, was relayed to safety staff and administrators.

“An elevated security response was initiated and the Berkeley Police Department was notified immediately.

“Shortly afterwards, parties fitting the descriptions, now known to us to be Berkeley High School students, attempted to enter the campus and were immediately detained by BHS staff. Police officers and safety staff then confiscated a firearm and two individuals were arrested.

“Obviously we are pleased to report that no one was hurt. The Berkeley High School safety staff and the administrative team were calm, professional, and effective in their response. The relationships and rapport our staff has developed with students have been invaluable assets in maintaining campus safety all year long.

“Recommendations for expulsion will be immediately forwarded to the District’s Student Services Division and the two students who were arrested will not return to campus.

“I have requested additional police support for today’s dismissal simply as a precaution.

“As I stated earlier in the year I am extraordinarily conscious of how news like this impacts you as parents and can assure you that the safety of our students is always a top priority. We will continue to draw lessons from incidents like these and also dig deeper into strategies to prevent them and to counter the troubling fascination with guns in our culture.”

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