Berkeley: under discussion on the KALX program Soapbox Derby with Berkeleyside co-founder Lance Knobel. Photo: Keoki Seu.

Berkeleyside co-founder Lance Knobel was a guest on KALX’s Soapbox Derby Thursday night. Lance was interviewed by host Lars Skjerping. They discussed the state of local news in Berkeley, the role of online news sites, and Berkeleyside — its progress so far and its goals for the future.

The pair also talked about Berkeleyside’s new-year “10 Berkeley Resolutions” — which included hoped-for improvements to the city’s public education system, and enhanced conditions for business start-ups.

You can listen to the half-hour show on this Soapbox Derby podcast.

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Tracey Taylor is co-founder of Berkeleyside and co-founder and editorial director of Cityside, the nonprofit parent to Berkeleyside and The Oaklandside. Before launching Berkeleyside, Tracey wrote for...