Produce for the people at Berkeley Bowl It’s one of Berkeley’s most cherished institutions, and certainly one people have strong opinions about: meet the man who knows everything and more about the bountiful produce at Berkeley Bowl (above).
Berkeley City salaries track those of neighbors closely There’s a perception that Berkeley City’s top staffers are overpaid, but the State Controller’s database shows that Berkeley’s ten highest paid employees are roughly comparable to neighboring Oakland and Richmond.
A squiggly bike rack gets a woolly makeover A yarn bomber strikes again, this time in north Berkeley, and, while most people are delighted with the result, there are those who aren’t so impressed.
Why doesn’t the City of Berkeley have a Facebook page? Berkeley acknowledges the importance of social media, but none of its principal departments are using Facebook or Twitter, be it to aid crime prevention or as a rapid communication tool.
New school for expelled kids prompts concerns Many in the local community are unhappy with a mooted plan to bring at-risk Berkeley kids to the campus of the Berkeley Adult School on San Pablo Avenue.

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