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With more torrential rain today, it seems like March has been an unending downpour. This morning’s rain supplemented already high creeks in Berkeley and if your street’s storm drain was clogged, you’re certain to have serious flooding problems. But we’re not out of the rain quite yet.

“There will be another system moving through in the next couple of days,” Bob Benjamin, a forecaster with the National Weather Service, told Berkeleyside. “It won’t be quite as windy or quite as stormy. By Sunday it should be better.”

Ira Serkes captured the surging stream in Live Oak Park in the video above. Berkeleysider Scott Rosenberg tweeted what’s probably a common sentiment a short while ago: “The rain is officially driving me around the bend. Too Much Water. Craving…sunlight…”

Berkeleysiders Daryl Austern and Gary Wayne sent in this picture (right) of Austern standing over Vicente Creek in the Claremont neighborhood.

Benjamin said he doesn’t believe the month’s rain is challenging any records. “We’re experiencing a prolonged period of rain, which is somewhat unusual for March, but not unprecendented,” he said.

Has the constant rain caused problems in your neighborhood or left you hankering for the sun? Let us know in the comments.

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