Would you sunbathe on Berkeley’s new “lawn” chairs? “This is the Berkeleyiest thing I’ve seen in a while,” Javier Panzar tweeted when he spotted these “lawn” chairs (above) on campus at Sproul Plaza.
Three Berkeley sites being considered for Berkeley Lab second campus Berkeleyside broke the news that the Lab had finalized its shortlist and selected six sites in six East Bay cities as the possible location of a second campus, three of which are right here.
Slow restaurant finds fast following Kyle Anderson of Slow restaurant on University thinks Berkeley restaurants should use more salt, and says his customers are nosier than he’s used to. But he’s grown to love them, and, nine months after the eatery opened, they’re returning the affection.
Berkeley school district faces deep cuts In a “State of Emergency” week of action for education, the BUSD board met to consider just how severe financial slashing might be in our city’s schools.
The Trader Joe’s effect: Berkeley building gets a makeover A year after a new TJs opened on University and MLK, locals say its impact has been positive. The neighborhood feels safer and is more pedestrian/bike friendly — the newly remodeled Berkeley Plaza is a bonus.

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