[See Update with new photo below.]

When we broke the news in October 2010 that Apple was planning to build a new store on Berkeley’s Fourth Street, we naively imagined it might actually be open by now.

Not so. Construction is still underway, behind the somewhat ominous black hoarding. Security at the site has also been tightened up, perhaps because the computer giant didn’t take too kindly to scrutiny of a building accident that happened there in February. More likely because Apple is notoriously private.

It’s clear from what one can see from the street that the plans for a partial second story are developing nicely. We will keep you posted periodically on developments — we know there are more than a few Apple fanatics out there, for whom the arrival of a new i-mecca is worthy of celebration.

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Update, 05.25.11: Citizen reporter Patrick Nagel sent us the photo below taken while the Apple store momentarily had its skirts down. “It is the best view I have had in weeks,” he writes. “See how they put up plastic barriers also?” And, underscoring Apple’s reputation for holding ferociously onto its privacy, Nagel adds: “That guard acted like he was secret service with how serious he was about ‘no pictures’ which seems so silly! The plans are public information.”

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