One visible sign of the end of the academic year in Berkeley is the plethora of abandoned furniture that appears streetside as students clear out their digs and head out of town for a summer of fun.

What happens to the sofa beds, mattresses and coffee tables that litter our sidewalks? Some may get picked up by local residents eager for a change of decor; others, as this video shot by Berkeleyside regular photographer TheRealMichaelMoore all too clearly shows, are consumed by hungry trash trucks.

UPDATE: Cal and Berkeley work together in the Cal Move-Out Program to create ways students can get rid of their unwanted furniture and other items. In addition to setting up dumpsters around town, Cal Move-Out holds a large sale of discarded items. This year the “Bear-ly Used Bazaar” will be Saturday June 4 at Civic Center Park during the hours of the Berkeley Farmers Market.

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