Where do you get the best pizza in Berkeley? You tell us

Cheese Board Pizza straight from the oven. All photos: Christina Diaz

Today this space is all about cheese. And crust. And toppings.

Got opinions about who turns out the best pizza in town? We know you do. So here’s your chance to share your pie picks with fellow readers.

That’s right folks, today, the Friday food column takes a break from regularly scheduled programming to poll readers about their pizza preferences. (The first in an occasional series where residents weigh in on their favorite foods found close to home.)

We know that for every die-hard devotee of Cheese Board pizza there’s an equally loyal Gioia fan to be found.

There’s pizza for all palates and pocketbooks here, whether you favor California-style, wood-fired pies pioneered by the¬† Chez Panisse crew (foraged greens and artisan goat cheese, anyone?), Brooklyn-inspired bites with trademark thin crusts and judicious use of ingredients, or the sloppy cheese slices popular among the campus crowd.

To kick off this quest we’ve named, in alphabetical order, a dozen pizzerias around town. It’s by no means an exhaustive list; feel free to share your own go-to place when your thoughts turn to thin (or thick, your call) crust.

Tell us, too, why you prefer a certain pizza purveyor. Details about crust, cheese, toppings — along with craft, cost, and convenience — will go a long way to making this a handy guide for fellow pizza aficionados.

Feel free to vote for your own home-cooked crust (or the pizza mom or dad make) or for pies turned out at places where pizza isn’t the main (or only) item on the menu such as Giovanni, Jupiter or Summer Kitchen.

But just to be clear: Charlie Hallowell’s¬†Pizzaiolo is in Oakland, people.

Editor’s Note: When the votes are in, Berkeleyside will compile a definitive Top 10 Berkeley Pizzas list — as ranked by our readers — and we will pull names out of a hat to offer one voter a free pizza from the pizza joint of their choice.

San Francisco Chronicle critic Michael Bauer gives Gioia's pies a thumbs up

1. Addie’s Pizza Pie: Think New York-style crust with Cali-centric toppings. Owned by Jennifer Millar, who runs Sweet Adeline Bakeshop, and Thomas Schnetz of¬†Do√Īa Tom√°s,¬†Flora and Tacubaya. Families from nearby Malcolm X School welcome this relatively new addition to the ‘hood. Read a review of Addie’s in the East Bay Express.¬†3290 Adeline Street (at Ashby), 547-1100.

2. Arinell Pizza: Fast, no frills or fancy toppings on these no-nonsense slices. Check out what eaters say on Yelp, including “Arinell’s pizza drips orange grease; its crust is thin and floppy.¬† Nothing contrived, nothing trendy, nothing that people who groove on stuff like that latch onto.”¬†2119 Shattuck (at Center), 841-4035. No cards.

3. Blondie’s Pizza: Another slice-centric hole-in-the-wall caters to night owls and campus goers. Find out what Cal students and others think about these pies on Yelp. And read the P.O.V. of an out-of-towner on Serious Eats.¬†2340 Telegraph Avenue (at Durant), 548-1129.

Taking pizza from the oven at Emilia's

4. Cheese Board Pizzeria: Beloved Gourmet Ghetto haunt for more than 20 years. Long lines, cool tunes, popular politics. This co-op counts Alice Waters among its fans. But, it must be said, there’s only one vegetarian choice on the menu each day and it comes sans sauce. Read what food critic Michael Bauer makes of this pie.¬†1512 Shattuck (at Vine), 549-3183. Cash or check only.

5. Emilia’s Pizzeria: Another newcomer to the South Berkeley pie scene, Emilia’s offers made-to-order, build-your-own, old-school pizzas. It has quickly developed something of a cult following (a certain quirk factor helps) with Sunset naming it one of the best Bay Area pizza joints last year. More details over at The Epicurean Zealot.¬†2995 Shattuck Avenue (at Ashby). Cash only. Reservations, beginning at 4 p.m., highly recommended, 704-1794.

6. Extreme Pizza: Two locations for this national franchise with pie names like Drag It Through the Garden and Peace in the Middle East. Someone on the creative team worked hard at HQ to come up with those monikers. Yelpers weigh in here and here. 2353 Shattuck (at Durant), 486-0770 and 3204 College (at Alcatraz), 420-0770.

7. Fat Slice Pizza: Another long-time pie place dishing up thick slices to UC students and the pre-game set. Opinions about this pie on Yelp too. 2375 Telegraph Avenue (at Durant), 548-6479.

Zachary's signature deep-dish pizza

8. Gioia: Perfect pedigree for this good food obsessed city: Thin crust, East-Coast style pizza with mostly organic, sustainably raised local ingredients. Chronicle critic Bauer gives Gioia’s pies a thumbs up; check out this recent write up on Serious Eats. 1586 Hopkins Street (at Monterey), 528-4692.

9. Lanesplitter: This local chain has a location in West Berkeley and reviews on Yelp. A point of difference from this pie place: An option for vegans, their trademarked soy-based cheese alternative Notta Ricotta. 2033 San Pablo Avenue (at Addison), 845-1652.

10. Paisan Pizzeria: Authentic Neapolitan pizzas made by a pizzaiolo named Francesco Pece who hails, well, from Naples. This neighborhood eatery, the sixth for Haig Krikorian and Cindy Lalime, has been packing people in since it opened last year. Learn more from Carol Ness at the Chronicle. 2514 San Pablo (at Dwight), 649-1031.

11. Pepe’s: Newcomer whose claim to fame (infamy?) may be its all-you-can-eat pizza buffet for $6.99 — the sort of thing that makes slow food folks like Waters shudder. Not so East Bay food critic Anneli Rufus.¬†2516 Durant Avenue (at Telegraph), 644-9999.

12. Zachary’s: Local chain serves deep-dish, Chicago-style, saucy pies. Frequent “best” pizza pick by consumers in local press.¬†1835 Solano Avenue (at Colusa), 525-5950.

Let the voting begin.

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West Berkeley photographer Christina Diaz likes to shoot life as it happens. She favors Emilia’s pizza when she wants sauce and, when she doesn’t, she chooses Cheese Board.

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