A Barred Rock chicken, like one of four that were let loose at BHS Wednesday and are now waiting to be claimed. Photo: Creative Commons

Four chickens are looking for their owner and rightful home, after they were let loose at Berkeley High on Wednesday, in what is believed to have been a prank.

The school’s security officers scooped the birds up and took them to a neighbor, Shirley Carrie Brewin, who keeps chickens. “They thought our girls had crossed the road,” she said. Brewin took care of the chickens — they are four different species, a New Hampshire Red and Barred Rock among them.

As of 9:30 am this morning they are now safely ensconced at the city’s Animal Shelter and awaiting to be claimed. If you have information or believe the chickens are yours, contact the shelter at 510-981 6600.

[Hat tip: Julie Holcomb.]

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