Analisa Goodin from Oakland enjoying strawberry and candied walnut from Ici

By Dana Smith

Oh sun gods, how you tease. But lucky for us, we’ve learned your fickle ways and we’re quick on our sandaled feet. Give us noontime highs in the 70’s or 80’s (see, we don’t ask for much) and we’ll shed our fleece, show some leg and grab our favorite summer accessory — ice cream! All before the fog starts its inevitable march back in through the Gate.

While some cities’ favorite summer fashion accessories might have more staying power — as in they don’t melt — Berkeley has always appreciated the fleeting nature of beauty in all its states — from Baltimore-style shaved ice bowls to soft serve.

And, while we applaud the style of these ice cream eaters, the true honors this week have to go to the ice cream itself. With flavors like basil, jasmine tea, toasted coconut and pistachio-candied pistachio it is the sweetest thing on the street this season.

Brittney Robinson from Vallejo, enjoying rainbow sherbet from John’s Ice Cream in Downtown Berkeley
Katie Baum of Skylite Snowballs at Off-the-Grid in Berkeley
Peder, Sierra and Finn Thoreen from Oakland in line at Ici, dreaming of the Pistachio-Candied Pistachio and Basil ice cream that awaits

Usually overdressed for every occasion, Dana Smith is the founder of Berkeley-based Dadascope Communications. She lives in the north Berkeley hills with her husband, two kids, their dog and a corn snake named Bubbles. Have some tips on where Dana can track down stylish people in Berkeley? Leave a Comment or send them to

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