Scott Brennan, former head butcher at Berkeley’s Café Rouge, is to debut his new charcuterie shop, The Fifth Quarter, at Kensington Farmers’ Market on July 24.

“I am very excited, as you can imagine, and am hoping for a nice, warm day!” said Brennan who will be applying to Berkeley’s Saturday Farmers’ Market next.

Brennan signed a lease on a kitchen in Emeryville in June and has been working there ever since perfecting his offerings, curing some items, as well as creating some new recipes. Sunday will see him selling Duck Paté with Dried Cherries and Pistachio, Duck Confit, Duck Crepinettes with Figs, Mexican Chorizo, Merguez Sausage, Bourbon Beef Jerky, Country Style Pork Paté, Pickled Lamb’s Tongue, Corned Beef and Liverwurst.

“I plan to carry at least ten different items a week, and adding the cured items as they ready,” he said. “It has been such a long few months working the business end of things that when I stepped back into the kitchen, I had such an energy in my step. I am so very excited to be making charcuterie again and I know it will show in the products that I am making. ”

Brennan is documenting the progress of his business on Facebook and Twitter.

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