Ici certainly attracts the crowds. What do you think? Photo: Kukkurovaca on Flickr

When we asked our readers to weigh in on the best pizza in Berkeley last month, we were floored by the reaction. Over 200 comments, 81 Facebook Likes and dozens of tweets showed you were passionate about pizza in Berkeley. Now that the weather is heating up (at last), we wonder what you think about ice cream.

There’s certainly plenty of choice in our city. You might like braving the lines at Ici or Cream, be attracted by the unbeatable prices at John’s, hanker after national favorite Ben and Jerry’s, or run to Solano Avenue startup iScream or College Avenue alternative Tara’s.

Perhaps your tastes tend more to gelato at Naia, Almare or Lush. Or is the best ice cream hiding in a café or restaurant that specializes in something else? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

A note on the “rules” of our wholly unscientific reader survey. We’re interested in ice cream. But worry not, we’ll give you a chance to vent about frozen yogurt or sorbet some other day. We know there are ways to automate the survey so individuals can only make one choice, but we like the ebb and flow that freeform comments encourages. We’ll compile the results next Thursday.

Have at it.

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