Several hundred Berkeleyans enjoyed the debut of free outdoor movies, organized by the Downtown Berkeley Association, last Saturday night. Tomorrow, the second in the series, Up, will play as the evening skies get dark around 8:30 p.m.

Before the main feature starts, moviegoers are encouraged to eat al fresco (Center Street is pedestrianized for the evening), enjoy musical entertainment, and enter a costume contest at 7:30 p.m. Last week, for The Princess Bride, is was pirates; this week, for Up, the required costume is bow ties or scout badges. Interpret that how you will.

Chairs are available for rent on Center Street, or you can bring your own. Last week, one enterprising visitor hauled in a two-seater couch from his garden. Looking at the weather forecast, moviegoers should probably dress warmly and bring a blanket or two. In return, you get a free viewing of one of the most charming movies of recent days — and one based (architecturally at least) on a house in West Berkeley.

Berkeleyside is the media sponsor of the Center Street Summer Cinema.

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