A group of South Berkeley residents change punctured tires on California Street on August 31. Photo: Tracey Taylor

Berkeley police officers arrested 33-year old Mandisa Monroe of Berkeley at about 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday in connection with the tire-slashing spree on the Berkeley/Oakland border last Wednesday. She has been charged with felony vandalism.

After a thorough investigation, reevaluation of the cases, community support and discovery of evidence that linked her to the crimes, a Berkeley police sergeant obtained both a Ramey warrant for Monroe’s arrest and a search warrant for her home. During the search of the home, officers seized a number of items that connected Monroe to images on surveillance videotape, according to the BPD. The videotape captured the suspect committing one of the crimes.

During an interview after her arrest, Monroe denied puncturing the tires, but did explain phrases that had been tagged on the cars. Yesterday, the District Attorney charged Monroe with felony vandalism.

Last Wednesday, a total of 74 cars had their tires punctured — 61 in  Berkeley, 13 in Oakland — in the early morning hours on a number of streets along 17 blocks, centered on California Street near the intersection with Russell.

The police said it was the biggest tire slashing incident the department could remember.

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