What is the most Berkeley car? Cast your vote through the middle of next week.

This week’s most popular posts shows without a doubt that Berkeley residents care deeply about what is happening in their homes, backyards and neighborhoods.

  • Residents learned about PG&E pipelines running through Berkeley After local officials invited PG&E to talk about the gas transmission lines buried under the city, readers chimed in about what many considered the lack of publicity about the forum, and the inconvenient 6 pm start time. But the majority of the discussion centered around the safety of the lines, and whether people trust the utility after the 2010 deadly San Bruno explosion.
  • The announcement of a series of panels exploring the relationship between the city of Berkeley and UC Berkeley prompted 50 comments about the pluses and minuses of having a major university smack in the middle of town. Some pointed out that Cal draws thousands of students, staff, and faculty, and they eat and live here, which adds to the tax base and cultural life. Others pointed out the university’s tax-exempt status and said it costs far more to host the institution than it brings in. There were also calls for UC to up its donation to the city.
  • A new mixed-use building is going up at Telegraph and Ashby, and reviews are, well, mixed. More than 75 people chimed in on this one.
  • What car is the ultimate symbol of Berkeley? A beat-up Volkswagon van? A Volvo station wagon? How about a gleaming Prius? How about no car at all? The jury is still out on the answer, and you can vote for the winner through the middle of next week.

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