This is a partial list of recent crimes in Berkeley based on information from the Berkeley Police Department and the UC Berkeley Police Department. For other sources of information on crime in Berkeley see Community CrimeView and

Friday, September 16

Special project yields nine arrests

On Friday morning, members of the BPD as well as Parole Agents from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDC) assigned to the Berkeley Office conducted a joint operation to verify that local parolees are in compliance with the law and the terms and conditions of their parole.

The teams attempted compliance checks of 28 known/problematic offenders currently on CDC Parole. Teams arrested a total of nine individuals including several who had additional warrants or were otherwise in violation of law.

The arrests were made for the following offenses and were associated with Berkeley addresses.

  • PC 12021-Felon in Possession of a Weapon, PC 12316(B)(1)-Felon in possession of ammunition, PC 3056-Parole Violation.
  • PC 3056-Parole Violation
  • H&S 11357(b)-Possession of Marijuana, PC 3056-Parole Violation.
  • H&S 11358-Cultivation of Marijuana, H&S 11359-Possession of Marijuana for Sale, PC 1203.2-Probation Violation
  • PC 530.5-Identity Theft, PC 3056-Parole Violation.
  • Parolee-At-Large Warrant.
  • Four Misdemeanor Traffic Warrants, bail $8,000
  • Misdemeanor Prostitution Warrant, bail $5,000
  • PC 3056-Parole Violation

Parole Agents direct parolees to follow through with established programs, employment training and other conditions for which they are responsible. Information and evidence garnered during these compliance checks can also support other ongoing criminal investigations.

Sunday, September 18

Robbery via shotgun – 2500 block of Chilton Way

A couple in their early 20s were robbed via shotgun in the 2500 block of Chilton Way on Sunday at about 11:20 p.m. The two had returned from shopping and were unloading the car when they were approached by three male suspects, one of whom had a shotgun. Suspect #1 with the shotgun demanded all their belongings. In fear for their lives, they dropped items that they had in their possession including a man’s wallet, woman’s purse and contents, an iPhone and keys on the ground. Both suspects grabbed the items and jumped into a waiting car that had a male driver. They fled in the older blue minivan with a gray bumper towards Parker Street, then out of sight. Officers quickly arrived in and around the area and roadways but did not spot the van or the suspects. Neither victim was physically injured during the crime.

The victims described the suspects as: Suspect #1 — Hispanic male, (or light-skinned black male), 19-25 years old, brownish-black hair, 6 feet tall, thin build, wearing a baggy black T-shirt, jeans and white shoes, carrying a shotgun. Suspect #2 — Hispanic male (or light-skinned black male), 18-25 years old, black hat, neck-length longer curly shaggy hair, 5 foot 5 inches tall, medium build, black T-shirt, jeans. Both suspects were described as pulling the collars of their black T-shirts up to their noses in an attempt to cover their faces.

Monday, September 19

Recycling call turns to arrest – 2600 block of College Avenue

A Patrol Supervisor watched as a male subject took recyclables from a City of Berkeley container on Monday at about noon. The Sergeant detained him. A computer records check revealed the man had two outstanding warrants. The sergeant arrested him and booked him into the BPD Jail.

Tuesday, September 20

Stolen car — 100 block of Miller Avenue

A community member called BPD on Tuesday at about 6:50 a.m. to report that sometime overnight someone stole his 1997 black Honda Civic. The officer entered the car description and license plate into SVS (Stolen Vehicle System, a national database).

Parole warrant arrest – 1900 block of Addison Street

On Tuesday at about 6:30 a.m., a BPD bike patrol officer spotted a man who was the subject of a recent wanted bulletin shared within the department. The subject was detained, the warrant was confirmed and BPD officers arrested him for violation of his parole which was the result of a residential robbery case.

Wednesday, September 21

Burglary thwarted in 1200 block of Hearst Street – one arrested

An astute community member in the 2000 block of Acton Street called 911 at about 1:23 p.m. on Wednesday to report that a neighbor’s home in the 1200 block of Hearst Street was possibly being burglarized/had been broken into. He/she saw a male suspect standing in the front window of the neighbor’s home and when the suspect saw the community member, he quickly closed the curtains. BPD officers headed to the scene and when the first officers arrived, neighbors and community members were pointing in the directions that the two suspects fled from the home on foot and began updating officers on the descriptions of the suspects.

The Scene Supervisor, a Patrol Sergeant, quickly directed officers to create a block cover/perimeter as the suspects were likely still in the blocks around the home. More than 15 BPD officers of various ranks responded to this crime. A search group was formed to enter the home to do a “security sweep” – a process to make sure no suspects or victims were inside. The home was deemed clear of any of those considerations but it appeared that the suspects had begun loading pillowcases with items to steal and were thwarted when the neighbor called and BPD arrived.

Additional community members/callers continued to call to update the Public Safety Dispatch Center including those who said they heard a suspect running on their roofs. Officers detained a suspect at Foster’s Freeze on University Avenue at about 1:45 p.m. During field show ups (witness or victim driven to location of a detention to view someone who is being detained) the detainee was positively identified as the burglary suspect.

The success in detaining and arresting one of the suspects in this burglary (459PC – burglary – a felony crime) was due to a community member knowing his/her neighbors, spotting something/someone suspicious and calling BPD. Other community members also lent a hand by keeping BPD officers and dispatchers up to date as the crime and escape was unfolding. We are very grateful to the community members who got involved. Collaboration like this is essential in policing our community. Officers arrested a 19-year old City of Alameda man. He had sustained some minor injuries during his flight and was treated at a local ER before being booked into Santa Rita County Jail for 459PC and 1203.2 PC – Violation of Probation.

The second suspect got away. He was described by witnesses as “a white male adult, brown hair, 20s, 5’10”, thin build, light colored top, possibly a sweatshirt and baggy jeans.”  It appears that the suspects pried off a screen and got in through an unlocked window.

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