A car plowed into a hair salon in Berkeley on Saturday afternoon, causing damage to the property and shock to staff and customers inside, but no injuries.

According to a citizen reporter who witnessed the aftermath of the accident, and who asked to remain anonymous, at around 4 p.m. on Saturday, a 10-year-old boy was getting his hair cut at The Hair Cut Connection at 1816 Euclid Avenue when a driver who was parallel parking lost control of her red Chevy Cruze Aveo and crashed into the store. There was also a female passenger in the car.

“There were shards of glass flying everywhere. Everyone involved in the accident is okay, but there was extensive property damage to the car and storefront. Contractors spent the entire afternoon and evening cleaning up the glass and boarding up the storefront,” said the citizen reporter who took the photos here.

According to the citizen reporter, the car jumped the curb and knocked some recycling and trash bins over. The car then took out the brick retaining wall for the storefront and a tall, 15-foot glass panel and part of the entry door. The boy was seated only about 5 feet away from the storefront window, he reported, and was hit by flying glass when the car crashed in. He was deemed okay and was released to his parents who picked him up.

“We’re really lucky no one was seriously hurt in this accident,” wrote the citizen reporter. “Usually there are customers seated waiting to get their hair done right behind the glass panel. Berkeley Police arrived quickly to block off the 1800 block of Euclid and towed the car out of the store in about an hour.”

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