The Fountain at The Circle, gleaming after 100 years. Photo: Nancy Rubin

Berkeley’s own version of the Occupy Wall Street protest kicked off last Saturday with a 200-strong demonstration and a small encampment of protestors. The OWS movement also had a Berkeley connection with the New Yorker cover by Eric Drooker.
There was also important local business news, with the completed rescue of both Andronico’s and A. G. Ferrari from bankruptcy. Renwood Opportunities Fund has shored up both retailers, and commenters report that stocks in the stores have already improved.
The centennial of The Fountain at The Circle (photo above) is being celebrated tomorrow at the fountain from 2 to 4 p.m.
A dramatic accident on Euclid Avenue fortunately resulted in only minor injuries. A 10-year old boy was getting his hair cut and was just missed by the Chevy plowing into the salon.
Berkeley Unified School District Superintendent Bill Huyett apologized to the Berkeley High football team on Wednesday evening. The team’s equipment and weight room were closed when Huyett ordered the immediate closure of the Old Gym. The disruption doesn’t seem to have put the team off its stride: it thumped De Anza 49-0 on Thursday night (that makes a combined score of 137-14 in the last three games for the Yellowjackets).

Throughout this week, Berkeleyside has been publishing stories recalling the Oakland Berkeley Firestorm of 1991. Find all the stories here.

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