Johnny Depp (above) and Tom Waits storm through Berkeley The Facebook “Likes” counter on this story ground to a halt when it hit 1,000, proving that even in Berkeley we are not immune to the fun of a little celebrity watching.

Quakes, and then more quakes A total of four earthquakes rattled Berkeley on Thursday, two of them relatively big ones. Thankfully, there were no reports of injuries or damage, but they served as a timely reminder that nature has the upper hand, and that preparation is key.

Andronico’s to shutter University Avenue store After our report that the Berkeley-founded grocery chain was to be bought out of bankruptcy, it was perhaps not surprising that consolidation would follow. However, readers expressed concern about the fate of the store’s employees.

How can downtown Berkeley be improved? Berkeleyside readers have no shortage of opinions on how the heart of our city could be made more inviting. There is still time to have your say by completing the Downtown Berkeley Association survey.

Firestorm Special We ended the week with the last in our series of articles to mark the 20th anniversary of the 1991 Oakland-Berkeley firestorm. We published a total of 11 stories, including an interview with Berkeley Fire Chief Debra Pryor, the story of how the fire inspired the creation of The Sims, and tips on emergency preparedness. But most of our coverage was in the form of contributions from Berkeleyside readers. See the full series here.

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