The epicenter of the October 27 quake was at the Cal Memorial Stadium

Update, 9:45am: If there’s one thing this series of Berkeley earthquakes is good for, it is reminding us to get prepared for the eventuality of a big one. The 72 hours website does a good job of presenting the essential information about planning for a disaster. FAQs about earthquake preparedness can be found on the USGS website. And here’s the essential list of what you should have in store.

Update, 9:17am: Wondering why quake magnitudes are often up- or down-graded soon after initial report? The first magnitude reported is usually based on a small number of recordings. As additional data are processed and become available, the magnitude and location are refined and updated. Read the full answer over at USGS.

Update, 5:48 am: The USGS has downgraded the quake from an initial 3.9 to a 3.6.


A 3.6 magnitude earthquake with its epicenter in Berkeley woke many Berkeleyans up at 5:36 am on Thursday October 27.

Acccording to the USGS, the quake was 6 miles deep and had its epicenter at the Cal Memorial Stadium, which is currently undergoing extensive remodeling and seismic retrofitting.

The tremblor comes in the wake of a cluster of quakes centered in Berkeley in recent days. A 4.0 quake rattled the city on October 20, followed by seven aftershocks over the next several days.

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