By Colleen Neff

A last supper of electrified pirate skeletons seated at a table laden with riches, spiders, bats, rats, eerie music and a yard full of enormous pumpkins are all on display on Spruce Street just north of Vine in North Berkeley. Masterminds Michael Minasian and his 8-year-old son Aaron, spent weeks creating the entire scene that they installed last week.

The impressive set-up is an elaboration on the decorations they created two years ago. Once dusk arrives, the candles are lit, the crystal ball glows and the fog machine starts up, adding even more of a spooky atmosphere to the tableau.

A small table set up near to the skeleton diners is filled with treats and offered on a serve-yourself basis — candy, cookies and cider. Minasian  says his and Aaron’s creation will be up until November 2nd for all to enjoy. After that, the giant pumpkins (set to be carved during the day of the 31st) will get carted up to Tilden’s Little Farm for the pigs to gorge themselves on.

Thanks Michael and Aaron for your creativity and generosity.

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t move the pumpkins… you might be in for a surprise if you do.

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