Site of Occupy Berkeley protest at the corner of Shattuck and Center Streets. Photo: Michael Roberts

The group of Occupy Berkeley protesters who had made their base the space in front of Bank of America on Shattuck and Center Streets has left that location to join the Occupy Berkeley encampment at MLK Park, according to a sign left at the Shattuck site.

Citizen reporter Michael Roberts is concerned about the detritus they have left behind, which includes flags, a chair, table and litter.

“While I support many of the aims of the Occupy Wall Street movement, I’m truly disappointed in the local Occupy Berkeley protesters who, according to a sign, have moved from their spot at Shattuck Avenue and Center Street in front of the Bank of America to the park at Center and Martin Luther King Jr.,” he said.

“They left behind a ton of garbage at Shattuck and Center, handing a nice little PR victory to their detractors. Shouldn’t people who advocate responsible business and government show a bit of responsibility themselves by cleaning up after themselves?”

Many Occupy Berkeley protesters are going to Oakland today to join in the Occupy Oakland demonstrations that are taking place there. A story in today’s Chronicle looks at why Oakland has stolen Berkeley’s thunder in the rabble-rousing department around this particular movement.

There are a reported 1,000-plus protesters in the streets of Oakland today, picketing banks and marching. A number of local businesses have closed. Mass gatherings and strike rallies with open mics have been planned at 14th & Broadway at 9:00am, 12:00pm, and 5:00pm. At the time of writing, police presence has been minimal and the demonstrations have been peaceful.

Many local media are following the Occupy Oakland events closely, including the Chronicle, the Bay Citizen, KQED News,  and Oakland Local.

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