Exotic Muntjac deer at loose, in danger, in César Chávez Park Calls to San Rafael’s Wildcare suggested a miniature deer had been abandoned in the Berkeley park by the Marina. There’s nothing like an “adorably cute” 24″ deer (above) to get readers’ hearts a flutter. As of yesterday, the animal had not been found.

Berkeley city: No truth to viral email predicting earthquake A San Francisco State professor issued an apology after sending out an email suggesting geologists had met with Berkeley officials to warn them of an imminent big quake. The email, inevitably, went viral, although there was no truth to its premise.

Michael Pollan: New food rules, but no need to be neurotic Our local food hero talked to Berkeleyside’s food writer Sarah Henry about cooking with his wife Judith at his Berkeley home, how he handles his “rock star status”, and the subject of his next book.

Shop Talk: The ins and outs of Berkeley businesses We launched our weekly local business round-up column in August and it was an immediate success. We rely you, with your eyes and ears on the ground, to send us tips when you see a new store, or one that has shuttered.

A love fest for local jazz legend Merrilee Trost Merrilee Trost thought an appreciation for good music would keep her seven daughters away from drugs. The jazz impressario went on to work with the biggest names in the business and, on Tuesday, Berkeley’s Jazzschool put on a sparkling tribute concert for the youthful 82-year-old.

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