Occupy Cal protesters vote to set up camp, clash with police Students demonstrating against public education cuts (above) opted to defy UC Berkeley administrators and set up an encampment. Altercations with police ensued which caught the attention of commentators nationwide.

Credit unions and small banks benefited when Berkeleyans “moved their money” “We’re slammed. People are coming in droves,” said a Mechanics Bank senior executive speaking about the significant number of local people taking action on “Bank Transfer Day”.

Alice Waters and Robert Reich talk up a delicious revolution The Cal prof called the chef-turned-edible-education-advocate “the only 1960s revolutionary who had succeeded”, as they discussed changing the world one meal at a time in front of a capacity crowd.

Whole-beast butcher taps into an appetite for local meat The Berkeley foodie community has embraced the new Local Butcher Shop — as has the sustainably sourced meat purveyor’s first two restaurant clients, Chez Panisse and Saul’s Deli.

A mom goes to Occupy Oakland with her 7-year-old twins “Will it be fun for kids?” Elisabeth Jay’s son asked his mom as she set out with some trepidation to introduce her children to the realities of civic action.

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