The 2011 winter solstice occured at about 11:30 PM PST December 21. As this is unfortunately the midde of the night, here are the sunset on the 21st (lower) and the sunrise on the 22nd (upper) bracketing the solstice as seen from two different vantage points in the Berkeley Hills. Photo: DH Parks

The article on 200 Pacific Steel workers losing their jobs because they could not provide proper documentation brought in 150 comments.
The dismantling of the Occupy Berkeley encampment unfolded this week and we devoted six stories to the situation. The city posted eviction notices on Dec. 20, Mayor Tom Bates expressed hope that the eviction would be peaceful, and there were different city-protester interactions, including a street fight and a clean-up of debris. Police also released a list of crimes reported at the camp. Readers weighed in with 190 comments.
On Friday, right at the start of the Christmas holiday and on a warm, sunny day, two pedestrians were shot on Sacramento Street. 
On a lighter note, John Riegel and Nancy Rubin made a wonderful video about Christmas present regrets.

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