Berkeleyside readers came by to meet the staff at an open office at PIQ on May 11, 2011. Left to right, standing: Nancy Rubin, Jeanne Pimentel, John Gordon (right) and daughter. Photo: Tracey Taylor

Berkeleyside turned two in 2011. The site has seen its readership and reach increase dramatically in that time, in part because of our journalism and community contributors, and in part because of our partnerships with KQED, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Bay Citizen.

Still, Berkeleyside is a shoestring operation, run by professionals who do it mostly out of a sense of fun and civic pride. We sell advertising,  but another important source of income comes from you, dear readers. Dozens of people “subscribe” to Berkeleyside by paying a monthly fee or making a one-time donation. We are hugely grateful for your support. Thank you for the vote of confidence. Here is a shout-out to those who have donated.

In no particular order:

Brian Murphy; Teal Major; Sandra Seidlitz; Daniel Mogulof; Paul Rauber; Richard Wallace; Scott Rosenberg; Eric Hsu; Mona Lisa Valadez; Linda Schacht; Jackie Krentzman; Ann Slobod; Frederick Crews; David Fisher; Sylvia Paull; Elizabeth Jordan; Charles Mark Humbert; Robert Collier; Lucy Mahaffey; David Trachtenberg; Carole Leita; James Rutherford; Lily Huang; Stephen Kaus; Catherine Johnson; Abigail Surasky; Simon Troll; Paul Slobodny; Siddika Angle; Virginia Ogle; Margit Roos-Collins; Andrew Gilbert; Linda Early; Peter Rugh; Catharine Vollmer; James Beck; Brian Murphy; Whitney Moss; Judy Lepire; Alicia Park; Katherine Snyder; Jeanne Pimentel; Tim Ereneta; Dianna Dar; Andre Maltais; Ann Smulka; Mark Takaro; Carolyn Weil; Philip Polishuk; Jason Koenig; Pedrum Mohageri; Monica Thyberg; Mark Wasserman; Chris Mahmood; Ben Gardella; David Clore; Erica Klarreich; Markos Moulitsas; Zachary Pine; Laura Truffaut; Karyn Mandan; Nancy Bickel; Robert Dixon; Linda Polsby; Eric Rawlins; Amanda Von Moos; Sue von Baeyer; Sarah Moore; Kyra Subbotin; Lynanne Jacob; David Fogarty; Maryann Wenger; Shelley Nathans; Martha Morec; Linda Williams; Emily Cohen; Elaine Smith; Richard Wallace; William Turner; Jennifer Kagiwada; Janine Kraus; Mary Hurlbert; Ira Serkes; William Newton; Alan Tobey; Gretchen Devinsky; Brigham Eckrich; Carole Ungvarsky; Natasha Beery; Rachel Anderson; Peter Moore; Dorothy Walker; Elizabeth Price; Aaron Glimme; Nancy Rader; Victoria Eisen; Nancy Rubin; Zoe Williams; Mildred Sullivan; Douglas Ng; Gordon Wozniak; Jeanne Miller; Michael Chabon; Sara Jusseaume; Christopher Wiener; Martine Kraus; Deborah Lewis; Arthur Poskanzer; Cathy Goldsmith; Taly Rutenberg; Michael Cohen; Margo Hackett; Terry Shames; Carl Bass; Georgia Seamans; Eva Carleton; Carla Riemer; Alla Efimova; Jessica Broitman; Stacy Jackson; Heidi Fang; Robert Jensen; Barbara Yoder; Jim Rosenau; Dave Gilson; Paul Whitmore; Zachary Franklin; Tom Hoynes; Monika Mann; Jim Offel; Andrea Foley; Rondi Gilbert; Stephanie McKown; Ryan Schwarz; Ken and Sara Bamberger; Barbara Gross Davis; Jenny Wenk; Henry Cook; Martha Chase; Laurie Rolfe; Thomas Southern; Stuart Sidells; Debra Farb; John Lau; Barbara and Henrik Bull; Nicole Whiting; Burlington Willes; Eric Gorovitz; Michael Olson; Anne Whyte; Dominic Glynn; Jennifer Tang; Neil Mishalov; Linda Burden; Joan Hamilton; Nancy Himmelfarb; Heather Clague; Chuck and Betsy Teller; John Holzrichter; Anne Whyte; Colleen Neff; and Benjamin Highton.

Tracey Taylor is co-founder of Berkeleyside and co-founder and editorial director of Cityside, the nonprofit parent to Berkeleyside and The Oaklandside. Before launching Berkeleyside, Tracey wrote for...