A flock of turkeys roams the streets of Albany on Thursday. Photo: Neil Mishalov

Perhaps buoyed by the passing of Thanksgiving and Christmas — not that the wild variety is often to be found on the plate — turkeys are making their presence known on the residential streets of Berkeley and Albany.

The photo above was taken yesterday afternoon on Stannage Avenue near Dartmouth Street and shows more than a dozen wild turkeys contentedly strutting and grazing on the lawns and sidewalk plantings of Albany.

Below’s image shows another flock spotted in Berkeley on Monday.

What’s for sure is that these turkeys show no timidity in venturing into our neighborhoods. Quite the contrary: they make themselves comfortably at home — and, in doing so, provide an enjoyable divertissement for us human inhabitants.

Another group happily explored a street in Berkeley on Monday. Photo: dyannaanfang

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