On Thursday, we provided a sneak peek inside our city’s newest cultural institution. “A wonderful addition to Berkeley on several levels,” said Downtown Berkeley Association director John Caner of  The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art & Life (above, photographed by Ira Serkes) which is holding an open house tomorrow, Sunday, 12-4 pm for all to visit.

The potential arrival of two new apartment buildings on Shattuck Avenue provoked the most number of comments this week from readers. Parker Place was approved by the city after a long development tussle, but lawsuits are expected to follow.

All eyes were on a towing company contracted by the city to remove cars in violation of parking regulations in downtown Berkeley. Is it removing signs put up by neighbors, and if so, should it be?

Meanwhile in the Elmwood neighborhood moves to end a decades-old business quota system in order to help boost startups was met with mixed reactions.

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