This flock of wild turkeys was spotted at around 8:45 am on Thursday on San Pablo at Marin. Photo: Ty Alper

Is it our imagination, or are the wild turkeys of Berkeley becoming bigger and more prevalent? It was only a couple of weeks ago that we reported on two clusters of the fabulous fowl roaming the streets of Berkeley and Albany. And yesterday a photograph of a group of them happily exploring someone’s roof crossed our radar.

The photos here were sent in by Ty Alper, who was driving down San Pablo Avenue this morning around 8:45 am, and spotted this flock near the intersection with Marin.

“They were in the street until they got scared and scattered into an alley,” he writes.

Turkey takeover anyone?

The turkeys made off into an alley after being disturbed on the street. Photo: Ty Alper

Gobble gobble: Wild turkeys roam streets of Berkeley, Albany 

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