Update: 4:58 pm: Ta da! We have a winner! Alan Aki correctly guessed four of the photos above at 10:42 am this morning. He will be the lucky recipient of a box of bon-bon chocolates from Casa Des Chocolates. Congratulations Alan.

Thanks to all those who played today.

And here are the answers:

1. Tennis courts at on Hopkins and Carlotta
2. Crowden School Sacramento
3. Chain links fence near Jimmy Beans on 6th Street
4. Sawtooth building at Dwight and 8th Street
5. Safeway construction on Shattuck Avenue
6. Children’s playground near King’s Middle School

Update, 3:50 pm: We’ve had a number of guesses for our special Valentine’s Where in Berkeley? contest, and we will announce the winner at 4:45 pm here, and alert the winner directly by email. Anyone else want to play? Send us an email with your answers!

Original story: Today, for this special day where matters of the heart reign supreme, we bring you a special-edition “Where in Berkeley? competition — with a suitably romantic prize for the winner.

The large felted wool hearts that have been appearing all over Berkeley in recent days are the work of Streetcolor, known to many of our readers as our local yarn bomber extraordinaire.

Streetcolor tells us she made the Valentine’s heart from handmade wool because she wanted them to look like paper but be durable to the weather. The other reason for the new medium, she says, is because she feels people in Berkeley may have been yarnbombed enough.

“They need something new to be surprised,” she says, adding: “I have been wanting to bomb chainlink fences — they offer a large open surface to do flat textile graffiti. They also can look so industrial and harsh. They make a good contrast for the felted hearts.”

Streetcolor felted for a month before putting up around 15 hearts in total around Berkeley.

Here are six. Have a guess where they are (we know — it’s tough!). Since this is a special contest, don’t post your answers in the comments below (but do feel free to vent about the difficulty). Instead, email them to Berkeleyside.

The first person to get all six correct (or closest to six) wins a Valentine’s box of chocolates from Berkeley startup  Casa De Chocolates (we’re in a startup kinda’ mood).

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