Minky arrived at the Milo Foundation in March and her babies were born the first night. They have all moved on to new homes, and now it’s Minky’s turn.

A Manx, Minky is very sweet and social cat, spending the majority of her day following her foster parents around the house, and snuggling beside them. She thoroughly enjoys petting sessions and will gently swat her paw at your hand to request more attention, then give a light love nip to show her appreciation.

Minky often displays playful moments, tossing favorite toys around the room and romping down the hall with the other cats in the household. She is outgoing and confident, and not afraid of strangers.

Come meet her at the Milo Foundation’s mobile adoption on Sunday February 19th, 12:00-4:00 pm at George Shop, 1824 Fourth Street in Berkeley, in the corner of the parking lot area.

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