Burrowing owls, and docents, return to Berkeley park Five Western burrowing owls have been spotted in Cesar Chavez Park. The small ground-dwelling birds spend much of the day sitting alertly near their burrows, astonishingly close to all those humans with dogs, kites and strollers. [Photo, above, by Doug Donaldson.]

Anti-harassment cyclist law goes into effect in Berkeley On Thursday, Berkeley joined Los Angeles as only the second city in the nation to provide specific civil recourse for harassed and assaulted cyclists. No everyone thought this made sense.

Set-back for Mitch Kapor and his plans to build a home in Berkeley An environmental impact report will need to be conducted at 2707 Rose Street after a group challenging the philantropist’s proposal to build a new home there (pictured left) won their court appeal.

Berkeley passes police mutual aid agreements On Tuesday, the City Council opted to allow Berkeley’s police department to help out UC Police, among others, in a relaxation of its mutual aid policies — despite vocal protests from members of the public who expressed concerns over the “increasing militarization of the police.”

This week, Berkeleyside signed up Autodesk as a sponsor, and Qeyno Lab’s Kalimah Priforce and Andre Marquis, head of UC Berkeley’s Lester Center for Entrepreneurship as panelists for Startup Berkeley, our Local Business Forum on the evening of March 5th at the Freight & Salvage. Want to see Berkeley become a more welcoming city for new businesses? Be part of the conversation!

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