The start of our ethnic food A to Z included a guide to Bibimbap in Berkeley.

A West Berkeley home is the “nexus for drug activity in the neighborhood”, according to a Berkeley police officer. After years of crime and civic non-compliance at the Ninth Street home, the Zoning Adjustments Board declared the house a public nuisance. The City Council will soon consider whether to order the home to be vacated.

The 300 restaurants in Berkeley offer an encyclopedia of world food (see photo above). Sarah Henry’s A to Z reached from Ajanta to Ippuku in its first installment.

The murder of Peter Cukor outside his house in the Berkeley Hills provoked questions about police response to a non-emergency call. Berkeleyside this week interviewed Police Chief Michael Meehan and his colleagues to delve into details of the response.

Berkeley High School’s head of security, Billy Keys, was arrested for one felony count of identity theft last week. Details emerged this week that the alleged crime concerned personal information stolen from a BHS teacher, which was used to pay utility bills.

A one-time art school student has turned into a one-woman anti-graffiti activist in the Thousand Oaks neighborhood. She’s doing the work that the city seems to neglect.

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