These puppies, three of whom were available for adoption, were featured in Berkeleyside's new Saturday "Adopt a Pet" column last week

Berkeleyans love their pets — even if they don’t always love what some of them leave behind on the sidewalks and walking trails.

But there are still too many dogs, cats and other pets that are bought and then abandoned, left out in the wild to die, or simply neglected. That’s where organizations like The Milo Foundation and local animal shelters step in.

Berkeleyside has partnered with The Milo Foundation to highlight some of the pets locally that are looking for a loving home.

Every Saturday, we profile a pet, or pets — be it a trio of adorable puppies, Dani and her offspring Donald or Mammy, the cat that became Milo’s mascot — in the hope that someone will scoop them up and give them a home, whether permanent or as a foster carer.

The Milo Foundation holds regular mobile adoption events in Berkeley and nearby to which they bring a number of the dogs and cats that need looking after.

We launched the regular column on February 18, and, not long later, Minky, the sweet-natured cat that was featured there, was adopted. So be sure to check Berkeleyside on Saturday for our pet profile of the week. You can also contact The Milo Foundation directly to find out about the many animals that are available for adoption.

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