Waffles: a "darling" little black cat who is affectionate and as sweet as her name

Do you like waffles? Who doesn’t, right? Golden, crunchy goodness topped with cream and fruit…mmm. Where was I? Right, Waffles. This darling little affectionate black cat is as sweet as her name, and is patiently waiting for you to give her a forever home.

You only have to look at her before her little motor starts running and she’s purring all over the place, and she loves to be brushed and sit in your lap. She also likes the hard stuff (catnip)!

She has recently started to show some love to other kitties, despite being a bit reticent at first, and so would do well either in an only-cat household, or sharing with a mellow, non-aggressive cat.

For more information about Waffles, call Berkeley Animal Care Services at (510) 981-6600, or for more photos, check out their Facebook page. Or why not come down to Berkeley Animal Care Services on Second St and see Waffles in the flesh? She’s waiting for you!

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