The design. Courtesy: Kirk E. Peterson & Associates

Yesterday we asked our readers what they thought of the new Kirk Peterson design for a new building to go on the northeast corner of Telegraph and Haste. A respectable 256 of you responded to our unscientific, imperfectly worded poll, and the verdict is that more of you like it than hate it (45% versus 26%).

A significant number (13%) are not sure what to make of the proposal. While many (16%) are simply surprised that anything at all is being planned for the site which has been vacant for more than two decades.

Many readers weighed in the comments on the poll (and our earlier story on the project), and participated in a lively debate on the value — or otherwise — of clearly historicist design. Given the history of contention over the site, including a city suit against the owner, Ken Sarachan, a number of commenters wondered whether the design, or anything like it, would ever happen.

Here are the results:

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