UC Berkeley students on Lower Sproul Plaza on Saturday April 14 celebrating Holi. Photo: Michael Armbrust

Fifty students at Berkeley High were caught in an attendance fraud that Principal Pasquale Scuderi made public this week. Four students had illicitly obtained the password to the school’s attendance database, and had charged other students to clear absences. Two of the students are being considered for expulsion and 32 suspensions of between one and five days have been issued.

Good news stories are always welcome. The “solar suitcase” created by Berkeleyans Laura Stachel and Hal Aronson brings light to hospitals and clinics in the developing world that face chronic power shortages. In one Nigerian hospital where the We Care Solar has placed its equipment, the maternal death rate has been reduced by 70%.

Berkeleyside has run numerous stories over the last several years about the vacant lot on the northeast corner of Telegraph and Haste. Owner Ken Sarachan this week unveiled a proposal for the site by architect Kirk Peterson that received a mixture of cheers and brickbats from Berkeleyside readers. Most readers in our poll, however, liked the design.

Our weekly food culture interview was with Tokyo Fish Market’s Lee Nakamura. Commenters were ecstatic: “local hero”, “best fish market in the Bay Area”, “going there was such a joy”, “a true standout”. Read Sarah Henry’s interview to discover what the fuss is about.

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