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Update, 1:44pm: The Berkeley Police are investigating the collision between a black car and two cyclists that occurred Wednesday April 25 at about 4:30 pm. Responding to a request for information from Berkeleyside, the police issued the following statement (which has been slightly modified):

On 4/25/12, at about 4:30 PM, two bicycle riders riding east on Tunnel Road were struck by a black vehicle driving east on Tunnel Road. The driver of the black vehicle did not stop after the collision, as required by law.

One of the riders had a camera mounted on his handlebars, and the collision was captured on video.

The riders, both of whom were wearing helmets, suffered from abrasions from the contact with the roadway, but did not require hospitalization for their injuries. A passerby called 9-1-1, and the riders were seen and treated by Oakland Fire. Their clothing and bicycles were significantly damaged as a result of the collision.

The riders reported the collision at the Berkeley Police Department Wednesday later that evening. Officers began their investigation of the incident. This investigation included review of the video, as well as action on a number of investigative leads.

Due to the ongoing, active nature of the investigation, we are not at this time able to share or confirm specific information regarding our efforts.

Finally, we note the video has had over 21,000 hits on YouTube as of this afternoon, along with over 175 comments. We are aware of information contained in some of the comments, and are following up appropriately. Please note that we will not be discussing specific information from these comments, due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.

Original story: A somewhat mysterious video was published on YouTube yesterday showing a car hitting two cyclists who are riding up Tunnel Road in Berkeley.

The black car failed to stop after the collision and the cyclists, one of whom had a video mounted to the front of his bike, were thrown to the ground. Neither cyclist appears to have been seriously injured. The collision occurs around the 2:39 minute mark in the video above.

Several Berkeleyside readers alerted us to the existence of the video, which apparently is doing the rounds of the local cycling community. The cyclists are believed to be Brazilian.

Berkeleyside has made inquiries with the Berkeley Police for more information and will provide updates if we uncover more details.

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