Paco, also known as “happy boy,” “super nice guy,” “lap dog,” "love bug," “mellow guy,” “belly-up dog,” and “lazy bones

By Shelley Carlisle

Que Pasa? Me, that is: I’m up for adoption! Let’s celebrate freedom together this Cinco de Mayo You, me, the couch, a Corona? (well maybe not a beer, but some yummy authentic chicken snacks would be awesome).

My real name is Paco, but most of my people at the shelter call me “happy boy,” “super nice guy,” “lap dog,” “love bug,” “mellow guy,” “belly-up dog,” and “lazy bones!” Even though I like to lay around and get belly rubs, I can also trot well behaved next to you if motivated by refreshing bay breezes, any kind of grass, and other doggie markings!

Every time I’m out on a walk, everyone stops to admire me, so suave and elegante. When you see my big ole’ head and silly grin, just think that there’s more of me to love and give kisses! My manners are pretty darn good too… after an hour training session of practicing my good “look,” “sit” and “down” (this is my natural state) and “leave it”, I’m ready for a looooong siesta, preferably with my head in your lap, and possibly with the right doggie girlfriend. 

But please no Gatos, there’s just something about them that get my goat. I’ve been in my kennel at the shelter seven months, so have been patiently waiting for my forever joyful home. Please contact the Berkeley Animals Care Services at 510-981-6600 and ask for me, Paco!

Berkeleyside’s Saturday column, “Adopt a Pet”, hopes to help match pets with a home and loving owners in our community. We partner with Berkeley Animal Care Services and the Milo Foundation to introduce just one of many pets that can be adopted. BACS houses domestic animals from Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville, and Piedmont. They provide a safe haven for homeless pets, as well as adoption services, advice on animal-related topics, lost and found pet reports, and free, or low-cost, spay/neuter vouchers for Berkeley residents’ dogs and cats. Check out the BACS Facebook pagecontact them directly, or visit them at 2013 Second Street, Berkeley to find out about the many wonderful animals that are available for adoption.

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