Basking in the light of the "supermoon" on Indian Rock in north Berkeley. Photo: D.H. Parks

Why are we not surprised that this weekend’s supermoon brought out the photographically talented among our readers? Berkeleyans are blessed with a natural curiosity, be it intellectual or for the environment that surrounds us — and clear skies on the night of May 5th allowed for some spectacular views of the special lunar phenomenon.

According to Wikipedia, a supermoon is “the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, or perigee, leading to the technical name for a supermoon of the perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system.”

Supermoon rising over UC Berkeley Sather Tower and International House, May 5. Photo: Ira Serkes

Supermoon sunset with birds over Mount Tamalpais, May 5. Photo: Beck Cowles
Full moon over San Francisco taken on May 6. Photo: Ira Serkes
Supermoon morning with Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, taken on May 6 from the Berkeley Hills. Photo: Seaangel
The moon up close, taken on May 6. Photo: Ira Serkes

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