There’s no doubt which story captivated readers this week: our revelation on Monday that Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan had sanctioned sending ten officers to Oakland to “live track” his teenage son’s stolen iPhone back in January triggered impassioned responses. We followed up the news with analysis and comment on the investigation and then, on Wednesday, an interview with the Chief. We are running a Reader Poll all weekend to solicit your opinions on the Chief’s actions and their repercussions.

The tragic accident on California Street on May 18 that involved a mother recently graduated from UC Berkeley inevitably prompted shock and discussion. The 24-year old male driver was charged with vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and a series of other felony counts

On a lighter note, Sarah Henry’s interview with Suzanne Drexhage, who is taking on the daunting task of opening a new restaurant in the space left vacant by the shuttered Alice Waters-owned Café Fanny, had people salivating. Bartavelle Coffee & Wine Bar hopes to appeal to a young set, as well as veteran Waters worshipers. “I feel heartened and anticipatory. I wish Bartavelle a terrific success,” commented reader Rachel Anderson.

While you’re waiting for Bartavelle to open, check out Luigi Oldani’s espresso cart on the patio (pictured above): he’s serving Sightglass coffee.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everybody! See you back on Tuesday.

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