Food writer and cartoonist John L. Harris made his Berkeleyside debut on June 4 with his report on the Berkeley Chocolate Club's chocolate and cheese pairing event at the Cheese Board Collective. The story was accompanied by an original drawing, above, by Harris

Our report that the city was taking action on a number of massage parlors suspected of acting as prostitution houses was welcomed as good news by many. Some, however thought there were higher priorities on the city’s agenda, and others worried about the people who would lose their jobs as result. At least one reader was surprised: “Born and raised in this city for 32 years and I didn’t even realize this was taking place. Either they were very low key or I’m totally naive,” they wrote.

The news that deer are charging at people and their dogs in the Berkeley hills prompted much discussion. Even though it is fairly common every year when the deer are protecting their young, the experience can be scary. Some asked why the deer’s natural predators, the mountain lions, weren’t doing their job.

On Thursday we broke the news that, after 25 years, Tuesday’s Farmers Market would be moving from its Derby Street location to Adeline and 63rd Street in the Lorin District. Not everyone was happy with the decision. But one fan said: “I would follow this market wherever it goes, even if it blasted off to the frozen tundra of the moon!”

The fact that a group is suing over the Downtown Area Plan provoked the most comments on a story this week — 167 and counting — while our investigative piece on the controversy surrounding a Berkeley headquartered Buddhist retreat’s expansion plans in Sonoma garnered a healthy number of pageviews.

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