It is not often that I write a public letter of support. I believe today it is necessary. Chief Meehan, is a hard working police chief. He has my support.

My predecessor was a part of the Selection Committee that interviewed and recommended the  selection of our current Chief as the new police chief for Berkeley. I hold that the committee chose wisely with the future of our great city in mind.

Good people, who work hard, will make mistakes and sometimes apparent non-thinking acts. I hold the the Police Chief’s reputation is not tarnished, though this year, 2012, has proven he is not flawless.

When it comes to good solid people, I have a work with attitude. I just do not wait for them to blunder, nor to do superior work alone, because actually nothing of that nature happens in a vacuum, as one’s singular act.

I still consider Police Chief Meehan the right person for Berkeley City and the Berkeley Police Department. Being a Police Chief, is not for the faint of heart. I have not heard the Police Chief, publicly nor privately, bemoan his placement here even in the uproar and when under close scrutiny.

I do realize that working in cities and with departments are challenging. You have thousands of pairs of eyes on you, examining, analyzing, judging nearly every aspect of your being. You are bound to have run-ins, differences, upset persons, and indeed make errors, small and large.

Then, to make the necessary adjustments within the Department, so that it remains a department with solid operations unto the whole community, not just certain parts of the community, may certainly bring down scorn, objections to leadership, and questioning if this is the right person for the job.

Having confidence in the choice that was made means that we too must work hand in hand to support the department and the Chief, in doing a good job for the Berkeley community, not just when things are going good, but when tough decisions have to be made for the service that is to be rendered.

I did not want to remain silent any longer.  Chief Meehan has my support and appreciation.

I pray for Mr. Michael Meehan, as Police Chief of Berkeley California (and his family), who is doing a great job overall for our city. Let us stay with him and the department, expecting good the service they render for the city.

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Pastor Leslie R. White is pastor at St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church on Ashby Avenue in Berkeley.
Pastor Leslie R. White is pastor at St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church on Ashby Avenue in Berkeley.