Javetta Cleveland and Neil Smith, newly named joint interim superintendents, at the BUSD board meeting on August 22. Photo: Tracey Taylor

Berkeley Unified School District has named Javetta Cleveland and Neil Smith, both BUSD staff, as joint interim superintendents for an unspecified period of time until someone is found to fill the shoes of former superintendent Bill Huyett who has retired.

BUSD Board President John Selawsky said at the board’s meeting on Wednesday night that a candidate is currently being interviewed for the district’s top position.

Cleveland, who is BUSD Deputy Superintendent, and Smith, who is Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, took up their duties at the Wednesday board meeting.

Huyett, who has now left the position of superintendent, announced in December that he planned to retire after four years in the job.

The board hired a search firm to find a replacement candidate and had hoped to have one in place by June 30, the target date of Huyett’s exit. After receiving 60 applications and interviewing 10 people, the board failed to find an appropriate candidate. It then asked Huyett to postpone his departure, which he did. As the date for his definitive departure approached, the decision was made to appoint two interim superintendents, as reported by Berkeleyside last week.

The BUSD board also voted in a closed session Wednesday to give a one-time, 1% bonus to all Berkeley teachers. Teachers now have to accept the offer. The news was welcomed at the public session of the meeting by Cathy Campbell, President of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers.

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