Yesterday we launched Voters Edge Berkeley, a collaboration between Berkeleyside and Berkeley-based non-profit MapLight to explain and track the 10 city ballot measures in this year’s election.

We’re confident readers will find this a valuable resource on the many measures. But when we clicked publish yesterday, we neglected to activate all the parts of the Voters Edge site. If you looked at it before 11am today, you probably thought, “There’s no there, there.” Now that we’ve fixed that glitch, you should find plenty to think about.

Voters Edge will be updated regularly with news articles (from Berkeleyside and others) related to measures, endorsements, and financial information, as it becomes available. If there’s anything you think is missing, let us know either in the comments or by emailing us.

Visit Berkeleyside’s Voters Edge Berkeley for complete coverage and tracking of Berkeley’s 10 ballot measures. You will also find the Voters’ Edge Berkeley button in the central column of our homepage and on every story we publish on the local elections.

Visit Berkeleyside’s Election 2012 section to see all our coverage in the run-up to November 6.

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