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Berkeleyan Jonathan Mann writes a song a day. It’s what he does — has done since January 2009, in fact — and he reached his 1,365th song yesterday.

His latest effort is a whimsical birthday duet with the iPhone’s virtual assistant Siri. (It’s the second time he has “partnered” with Siri to make a music video– the first song came out last year.)

Mann has a history of singing about Apple products. The late Steve Jobs loved his song about the iPhone 4 and its “antenna problem” so much he screened the video before going on stage in July 2010 for a news conference about the phone’s antenna issues. 

Berkeleyside likes to check in on Mann periodically to see what he has applied his considerable creativity to. His subjects are as diverse as economist Paul Krugman, his love of science, food poisoning, and his widow’s peak. A while back, Mann suggested he might make a song about Berkeleyside — which we await with much anticipation. One would think stories of Gourmet Ghetto lions, automated dorm rooms, and recycled sports stadiums would make compelling fodder for a song, no?

Meantime, enjoy Mann’s slightly mournful exchange with Siri, above.

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