Rather than a “Where in Berkeley,” today, as we have done a few times before, we bring you a “When in Berkeley?”.

Have a guess when this photograph was taken, and tell us what it shows. (It goes without saying you won’t simply Google it.)  As usual, let us have your answers in the Comments.

Update, 9:39 am: John Holland got it. This photo was taken on May 23, 1908 and shows the Morrell Airship flying low over Berkeley High School. What happened next was the country’s first major airship disaster. Read all about it at the wonderful Berkeley Historical Plaque Project, where this picture, and several more, appears. And note that the plaque that has been assigned to this historical event is an “e-plaque” — it only exists on the Berkeley Plaques’ website — so there’s no point in going out to look for it in “real life”! Congratulations, John, on being this week’s winner.

Photo: Sarah Wikander collection

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