Eastlake — a small Southeast Asian enclave along International Boulevard, just east of Lake Merritt — can be a great neighborhood to take kids to for some ethnic noshing. 510 Families contributor Lisa Tsering is a journalist and mom to a 7-year-old and also a Bollywood fan. Here, she shares her favorite affordable restaurants for families in Eastlake, a place she got to know when she was living in Oakland and her son attended a bilingual Chinese and English preschool in the area.

Cam Huong: kid-friendly steam table dishes

Cam Huong is a neighborhood favorite, often packed with locals lined up for cheap banh mi and kid-friendly steam table dishes such as chicken skewers and noodles (Vietnamese). 920 Webster St.

Chai Thai Noodle has fantastic Pad Thai and very fresh vegetable dishes. 545 International Blvd., Suite B.

Pho Hoa Lao’s leafy interior and aquarium, and tasty Laotian food, makes it a comfortable place to bring kids. 720 International Blvd.

Kevin’s Noodle House (also known as Pho Huynh Hiep) welcomes kids and serves cheap, gigantic bowls of pho; my little boy is partial to their beef balls (Vietnamese). 1402 E 12th St.

Sun Sang Supermarket: offers a sensory overload

Sun Sang Supermarket offers the sensory overload of a trip to an authentic Asian market. Look for stinky durians, octopi on ice and yards of Pocky snacks. 1211 8th Ave.

Bonus tip: The leafy park at the center of the district at Sixth and International is called Clinton Square Park, and features a busy, if small, playground, basketball court and open space.

First published on the Berkeley-based 510 Families, the website that allows you to find the best things to do with your children on a need-to-know basis.

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