WIB 01.23.13

Know where this is? Take a guess and let us know in the Comments.

Update, 6:30pm: Sandy Friedland got it! Not only did she correctly identify the photo — it shows a detail of the mural by Emmy Lou Packard on the UC Berkeley Chavez Student Center (part of the Student Union) — she provides lots of interesting detail on what it is. Here is is:

“Here are some details about this mural from Harvey Helfand’s guide book of UC-Berkeley: The concrete, bas relief mural is five feet high and eight-five feet long. Emmy Lou Packard (class of 1936) was a protegé of Diego Rivera. “The abstract concrete mural represents the land forms of the state of California: coastlines, agricultural fields, mountains ranges, clouds, and rivers.” It was cast in reverse, Helfand explains, and Packard “utilized various vegetables, including radishes, potatoes, onions, and puffed wheat to create the textures …”

Congratulations, Sandy, on being this week’s winner!

Photo: Nina J. Hodgson.

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