Scream Sorbet by Emilie Raguso
Despite rave reviews for its organic, seasonal sorbets, Scream struggles to turn over enough revenue, particularly in the winter months. Photo: Emilie Raguso

Update, 02.26.13: Nathan Kurz told Berkeleyside NOSH that ideally he would like to be able to continue making and selling Scream Sorbet even if they are forced to shutter the store. “We would like to be able to do so, but don’t yet have a way. The store is the more profitable side of the business, and essentially supports the markets through the winter. But we’ll see what we come up with,” he said.

Original story: The owners of Scream Sorbet at 5030 Telegraph Avenue, which crafts luscious, creamy sorbets made largely with Farmers Market produce, say they will be forced to close down next month if they can’t find an investor to help turn around the business.

Nathan Kurz, who founded Scream in the burgeoning Temescal district in 2010, said the company was in debt — to its landlord, to vendors and on credit cards — and did not want to go further into the red. In addition, he said, the business is required to make some design changes to the store which it can’t afford to do and might, as a consequence, lose its use permit.

“We’ll be closing down in early March unless our situation rapidly changes for the better, Kurz said it a comment posted on Chow, responding to questions from readers. “It’s not a certain fate, but definitely the direction we are headed. We’ve gotten as far as we have based largely on the dedication of our employees, and while most of them are still with us, all of them have already been encouraged to line up other work.”

Read the rest of the comment on Chow.

Scream Sorbet 2
Scream Sorbet opened in 2010 on Telegraph Avenue close to foodie stalwarts such as Pizzaiola and Bakesale Betty. Photo: Emilie Raguso

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